Friday FoolishnessIs a Self-help book comprised of 80 Friday weekly morning thoughts, where Glover post his thoughts related to relationships, family, child drama, health, education, work, friendships, loyalty, mistrust and the dating game. Glover will break down his interpretation of his thoughts and his readers will be given a chance to self-reflect on how they feel about these thoughts and how it relates to their life.

In 2013, David Glover, a counselor of 22 years began posting scenarios on Facebook of real life experiences shared with him by clients, colleagues and friends. His provocative posts quickly garnered many responses and within a few months, his online popularity grew rapidly. Inspired by the response to his posts, he wrote his debut book, Cocktail Conversations by the Controversial Counselor. Shortly after his book release, an online station

KLJN 107.7 invited Glover to host a show based on his book. His show “Cocktail and Conversations” quickly became one of the top shows on their network. Both Glover’s book and show share relatable scenarios ranging from love and relationships to education and work and more. Glover includes feedback from respondents and ends with his own thoughts on the various scenarios.