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The Controversial Counselor has gifted the learning community with a jewel and important contribution to anyone in or seeking a mature committed relationship. This book highlights realistic scenarios which are relatable as well as instructional. It is a useful and fun idea which would highlight any adult oriented evening and the book is quite compatible with a nice glass of wine. David Glover with this book has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. The Controversial Counselor has cooked up a delicious literary entree for all of us!

Johnathan Robinson
6th grade Social Studies Teachers
Golden Ring Middle School


I read COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS by David Glover, The Controversial Counselor over a year ago, and I’m still intrigued by its contents of REAL LIFE events and the differently perspectives. David’s book is a platform for discussion among mature adults regarding all types of situations. As bazaar as some of the scenarios may seem, David explains that “you can’t make this stuff up”, and assures that each scenario is a real life situation. I’ve read the complete book from cover to cover, and have listened to his weekly live radio talk show with the same title. David covers a wide gamut of opinions, views and opinions.  He helps to put it all into perspective with a final word. COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS is by far, an enjoyable read.  Very entertaining, causing its readers to feel a myriad of emotions from sadness, to anger, to disgust, to laughter, to celebration. David Glover is a talented and gifted author, and I look forward to his next literary project.

Jasmine “LadyJaz” Bess
K L J N 107.7 Radio
The Hottest Coolest Radio Station On The Net
(601) JAM-1077


Cocktail Conversations by the Controversial Counselor presents real life situations, along with raw and unadulterated dialogue, providing entertaining feedback to dilemmas we encounter in our daily lives.  Fantastic scenarios to ponder, creates the opportunity for self-reflection regarding values we hold near and dear to our hearts.  Diverse perspectives and potential solutions are presented to the reader, involving conflicts and differences.  An excellent resource for problem solving lessons and brain storming activities.

Cheryl Armenia
Employment Counselor


This book offers real life day to day scenarios that really make you think about life and people and choices. The reader is exposed to diverse perspectives which make you think outside of the box and what might be your own normal response or thought. Having known and worked with the author, I can’t wait to see what he has next for the audience.

Cynthia M. Fasla
Interim Registrar
SUNY Buffalo State


I really enjoyed reading about how other people feel when going through a relationship and how they deal with the ups and downs in their relationships. The book helped me to be able to look at things from a different perspective, and realize that we all think differently. Reading Cocktail conversations helped me to understand that it is important to respect one another’s feeling even if we don’t understand them.

Adrian McQueen
Master Admissions Representative
Buffalo Campus


David Glover has written a comedic remedy of so many dysfunctional family situations.  These remedies have crossed so many cultural barriers, while allowing for acceptance in situations that normally cause division.  Glover has given us a new way of thinking and approaching situations from all walks of life.  These life lessons allow for engagement and participation and forge a bond of sister and brotherhood, while giving comic relief in otherwise serious situations.

Marloe Jordan, M.O.L.
Financial Services Advisor
Bryant & Stratton College



Cocktails Conversation is thought-provoking and brings substance to the readers. It’s real and relevant. It has the capacity to captivate and rejuvenate a person’s soul!! The book is a must read!

Stacie Washington Psy.D (intern), MA, MFT


Davis Glover was a delightful guest on my television show and his book provided some provocative and surprising insights from my friends, when I brought it on a ‘girls only’ getaway. It’s amazing, you think you know people inside and out, but when given a scenario like we found in Cocktail Conversations, the answers were pretty astounding.

Lori Caso  Host, Lori & Friends


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